STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket Review

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The STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket is a special ping pong paddle. As a company that has partnerships with companies in over 100 countries, STIGA has been a leader in the world of ping pong equipment for over 70 years. Their paddles are absolutely well-designed and engineered to be the best paddles in the world, using their own composite technology that we’ll go deeper into in this review. The Evolution is on the upper tier of STIGA’s paddle offerings on the market today, just below the Pro Carbon, which is their elite performance paddle. They rank their paddles high on the scale, and there is a reason why. Every detail is engineered and designed.

First off, let’s begin with the basics. They have utilized a flaring handle, which improves the user’s control over the paddle, preventing unnecessary slips during play. (If you want to know more about different types of handles, see our ping pong paddle guide). Inside the handle, which STIGA calls the Concave Pro, they have placed a hole that improves sensitivity, allowing players to really feel each strike and reverberation. This allows users to control the nuances that are such a huge part of the game. This is just one thing that they do to improve their blades. They’ve placed an interesting technology they call the Shock Dispersion Technology, which is a tube technology that was developed by STIGA to absorb more of the vibrations and shock from the handle and move it to the rest of the paddle, leading to a more controlled shot.

stiga-evolution-layersThe overall paddle weighs 6 oz. The blade without the rubber consists of 6 plies of wood, which are designed to be extremely light. This light blade weight helps players improve their recovery time after striking the ping pong ball, which improves the reaction time between shots. Just a split second quicker in terms of recovery in ping pong can give players a significant advantage in such a fast-paced sport. In order to further increase effectiveness of their blades, STIGA uses Crystal Technology that is used in order to increase the hardness in the surface of the blade, increasing the speed at which the blade can be swung. Built into the blade is STIGA’s Weight Balance Technology, which is designed so that the balance of the blade shifts to the point of contact with the ball. This is a highly underestimated feature of the Evolution, one that pushes it to the forefront of ping pong paddles. Improving the balance of the paddle means that players have an increased level of control over each and every shot. The craftsmanship and attention that STIGA gives to the details on their paddles is incredible and is something that should be appreciated.

Let’s move onto the rubber. If you thought that the technology they engineer into their blades is amazing, wait until you learn about their rubbers. Of course, STIGA uses rubbers that are ITTF approved for tournament play. The sponge on the Evolution measures in at 2mm. STIGA has used their premium rubber on this paddle, which is made from nano-composite technology that manufacturers much stronger and air-tight bonds in the rubber, resulting in an increase in speed and spin. Additionally, STIGA also uses microscopic air-capsules in the ultralight rubber to increase the speed quite a bit, while maintaining immense elasticity to improve control. And the best news? The rubber can be removed once it has lost its grip and elasticity, and later replaced with a new rubber. Unfortunately, there is no specific rubber number for the one that comes attached to the Evolution, but STIGA provides a plethora of rubber choices available for you to match your playing style and further improve performance.

Overall, STIGA ranks the  Evolution’s performance very high. They rank their speed at a 96, their spin at a 94, and their control at a 90. If you are a beginner or fairly new to the game, this paddle will take some time getting adjusted, but it will last. Every aspect of your game will improve due to the design. This paddle is recommended for competitive play, so it may be a little pricey for newcomers. If you want to get serious in the sport, this is a great one to start with. The manufacturing is on point, the engineering is top notch. Regardless of what level you play at, stay away from the paddles that come with the table for $30, and fork out just a little bit more cash for a high quality paddle that will last a long time. The STIGA Evolution, everybody.

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