Palio Master Table Tennis Bat Review

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The Palio Master Table Tennis Bat ranks among the top ten of all available pre-built ping pong paddles on the market today. That’s a strong statement, but when professionals attest to its strengths as a paddle, we tend to put a lot of weight on their word. Manufactured by Palio in China, this is a paddle that is recommended for players at the beginner level and has the potential to stick with them all the way up to the semi-professional level. While there is a steep learning curve due to the strong attributes that we will cover later in this review, once those things are harnessed, your skillset will benefit greatly. 

Let’s cover the basics. The Palio Master is ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved, the governing body for all international table tennis associations. If your equipment is ITTF approved, it means that more likely than not, it will be honored by most organizations. The Master utilizes a sponge that is about 2mm thick, which contributes to the enhanced speed rating of 8/10 which Palio has attributed to it.

The rubbers that sit on top of the sponge are Palio CJ8000. Their stickiness increases the level of spin that can be created with each shot. This balances out well with the soft sponge, creating a combination that allows players to keep their shots within the level of control at which they feel comfortable. Whether topspin, backspin, or sidespin, the sponge+rubber combination definitely earns its 9/10 rating. And best of all, unlike most pre-built paddles, the rubber on the Palio Master can be replaced once it is worn out. This is amazing, because you do not have to buy a whole new paddle!

02The ping pong paddle blade core is the Palio C16 blade. Rare in this day and age of advanced manufacturing technology, the Palio Master uses an all-wood blade. Most paddles are infused with composite materials to both increase the size of the sweet spot and decrease the weight. The paddle gives players a fantastic balance between great amount of speed vs. control, especially when compared to the Palio Expert, which was designed to provide players with the highest level of control.

Connected to the all-wood C16 blade is the handle. The handle is well-designed, using a flared style handle in which the bottom flares out like the 1970’s style bell bottoms. While not the greatest shape for fashion, this is a great shape to increase both control and comfort level. This shape prevents the hand (especially sweaty hands) from slipping up and down the handle, which sacrifices control. Additionally, there are grooves cut into the paddle, which allow fingers to anchor and clutch onto for increased control.

In conclusion, if you do not have the time or are not confident enough to build your own ping pong paddle because you are not yet familiar with your preferences as they pertain to ping pong playing style, this is a great paddle to start out with. (Note: don’t know what to look for in a new paddle? Check out our Table Tennis Guide) It is a top tier ping pong paddle at a really good price made for beginners to grow into, while preventing you from growing out of it too quickly. But if you are an experienced player and just want something to add that little oomph to your game, this is also a great paddle for you.

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