Killerspin JET500 Table Tennis Paddle Review

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61jGKaRptIL._SL1500_The Killerspin JET500 Table Tennis Paddle is a shakehand style paddle that is built for a balanced level play that leans more toward the aggressive end. If you love playing with smashes and quick shots, this paddle is preferable for you. This is, of course, in comparison to the Killerspin JET400 Table Tennis Paddle that we previously reviewed. While the 400 is designed for players transitioning from the beginner to intermediate level, the 500 is designed for the intermediate to advanced level. Both are very similar in styles and ranking. The Spin rating and control rating for both of these paddles is similar enough that there is no difference in ranks.

  • Speed: 7.5/10
  • Spin: 9/10
  • Control: 8/10

The biggest difference in the two paddles is that this paddle has a thicker blade by 0.3mm. This is the thickest offering in the Killerspin JET series. While this may not seem like much, it makes a huge difference and improves the speed of the paddle from a 7.0 rating to 7.5 on the Killerspin paddle rating scale. What is speed? Essentially, it means that the paddle is able to move through space at a quick pace, significantly enhancing how fast the ball returns to the opposite side of the table. Generally, when you increase the speed of a paddle, the control is decreased. This means that the Killerspin JET500 is an offensive paddle, for players who play with a more aggressive style, utilizing more smashes and less spins.

The Killerspin JET500 has implemented an ITTF-approved, 2.0mm high tension Nitrx-4Z rubber. This rubber ranks well for speed, spin, and control, but not as well for tackiness (or stickiness). The weight of the rubber is average, not too light nor too heavy. It is quite durable, more than most other rubbers. It improves the user’s ability to serve with spin, return shots with a topspin, and turn defense into offense with a well-put backspin shot. The topsheet of the rubber enhances the level of grip applied to the ball during strikes, which improves serves. This, of course, sets you up for an easily counterable shot from your opponent. For beginners, it may take a little bit of time to adjust to the responsiveness of the paddle, as balls may go flying off the surface. Take the time to learn and you will be happy you did. Lastly, the rubber is relatively sticky, especially compared to basic run-of-the-mill paddles. It is important to wash the rubber in order to maximize performance. Here is a great guide on how to care for your paddle.


Some players find that this paddle may be too thick with the 6.7mm blade and a 2.0mm thick sponge. If this is the case, the JET400 has a 6.4mm blade and the JET600 has a 6.0mm blade, which will both help solve this problem. The JET400, as iterated earlier, is most similar in playing style to the JET500, so if you are looking for a balanced style play, take a look at that one. The difference is that the JET400 allows for a more controlled playing technique.

Killerspin has used a high-quality wood blade with five plies of top shelf wood. This makes for a low-vibration, high-power shot. The paddle is a bit top-heavy due to the 5 ply blade. With the way that the JET500 was designed and manufactured, it does a great job of balancing two very key things, control and speed. Usually these are negatively correlated. In other words, when the speed of a paddle increases, the control decreases. But Killerspin has cleverly made the jump from the 400 to the 500 without sacrificing any control.

The 500 handle is built with dual-carbon technology, which is a blend that creates a lighter paddle with a better feel. The handle is flared, made to be comfortable ergonomically. The flare makes it easy for you to find your “size” by moving up and down on the handle. The flare also prevents the paddle from slipping from your hand during play, which is infinitely important with such a fast-paced, intense sport.

Overall, use the Killerspin JET500 ping pong paddle to get to the next level by learning different playing styles and adapting to your opponents. Over time, your balanced and versatile playing style will serve you well. This paddle is balanced with a preference toward more aggressive style play. The more you go up on the Killerspin JET scale, the more aggressive and offensive the style becomes.

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