Killerspin JET400 Table Tennis Paddle Review

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6197q90C83L._SL1500_The Killerspin JET400 Table Tennis Paddle is a shakehand style paddle that comes from Chicago-based table tennis equipment company Killerspin. The Jet400 comes as part of the JET series that goes from 100 to 800 rating, so the 400 is just above the midpoint. The paddles below the 400 sacrifice the spin that the 400 provides. From Killerspin, what you get are high-quality low-priced paddles that are designed for players who play recreationally and are interested in improving their game, and possibly even bringing it to the competitive level. They are designed for that transition period between fun and pro. Of course, once you hit the pro level, custom paddles are the best and your local table tennis equipment shop can help you with that (you can also email us if you want any tips).

Here is how the Killerspin JET400 is rated:

  • Speed: 7/10
  • Spin: 9/10
  • Control: 8/10

61y1l7c+f1L._SL1500_The Killerspin JET400 utilizes the high-tension Nitrx-4Z rubbers on both sides of the blade, which is approved by the ITTF. This is important if you want to play in competitions and want to avoid disqualification. Don’t worry though, most paddles on the market are approved except for the novelty items. The topsheet of the Nitrx-4Z rubber gives table tennis players an increasingly incredible ability to grip the ball at the point of contact during strikes, creating a very difficult-to-return serve. This rubber also enhances the player’s defensive ability to neutralize the opponent’s spin shots and return more easily than with other paddles. This is the JET400’s biggest strength: the spin.

Note: take care of your equipment. Due to the increased tackiness of the rubber to enhance spin, it will also collect dust, which can eliminate the increased spin. You can use the Butterfly 8181 Rubber Care Kit to take care of this. Or if you don’t want to spend any money, water should work fine in a recreational non-competitive setting.

The thin yellow sponge which measures in at 1.8mm allows you to really feel each shot, creating the illusion of the paddle being an extension of the hand. This is extremely vital in fast-paced close-quarters sports like table tennis, where every little detail matters and it becomes a game of millimeters. This ability to “feel” each shot will help you immensely with your soft game, especially when juxtaposed with your harder, offensive style of play.

The 6.4mm medium thickness shakehand style grip was engineered with a slight flare at 4 inches long, which allows for an ergonomic, comfortable feel in addition to a stronger grip. The premium-grade all-wood blade is built with 5 plies to create a strong yet flexible piece of equipment, enhancing the balanced feel. This translates to more control overall.

It’s been reported that the speed of the JET400 may be underrated and can actually be quite overwhelming for beginners who are transitioning up to a more intermediate level of play. It should be mentioned that this paddle is probably best for players who are relatively versed in the sport and are intermediate level players who are undergoing a transition into more advanced competition. If you are are a beginner, give yourself some time to adjust to the speed. You may feel like your shots are out of control for a little while. As you get used to it, you will feel a stronger sense of control over your shots – it just takes some time.

This is a paddle that is designed for players who use an all-around, balanced strategy of play. This paddle can be used by an offensive-style player, but it isn’t ideal due to the heavier weight. It’s definitely not one of the lightest rackets you’ll find, although it doesn’t feel too heavy in the hands. You’ll get used to the weight, but in order to optimize for offensive, moving up to the Killerspin JET800 may be better for you. But of course, that will hit your wallet a little harder too. Remember that there are so many different options on the market that you will be able to find one that matches your style if you look hard enough. If you don’t know where to start, see our comprehensive guide for choosing the best paddle for you.

Overall, the Killerspin JET400 Table Tennis Paddle is a good paddle to use when transitioning into a high level of competition. It’ll help you learn how to practice your strokes with the proper technique and the grip will allow you to neutralize your opponent’s shots so they don’t influence your style of play. This paddle will enhance your game, especially if your style utilizes a lot of spin. Good luck and contact us if you have any questions you want answered!



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