JOOLA Spinforce 300 Ping Pong Paddle Review

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71sE2dv+kKL._SL1500_The JOOLA Spinforce 300 Ping Pong Paddle is an ITTF-approved paddle (like most ping pong paddles reviewed on this website) that was designed as a paddle for JOOLA’s Spinforce series of paddles that is meant to build the bridge and connect the dots between the recreational and professional realm of ping pong. In other words, the Spinforce 300 was created to help table tennis players transition from the garage games to the big tournaments with the big dogs. Let’s look a little further into the details.

The Spinforce 300 is a beginner to intermediate level paddle who have a low-level and basic understanding of the game. It is a satisfactory paddle to utilize when learning the way in which to control basic spin shots, including top spin and back spin. JOOLA uses an Infinity rubber with 2.0mm soft sponge sandwiched between, which helps intensify the spin applied to the ball. This rubber is replaceable and upgradable and is tackier and stickier than most other rubbers, helping this paddle earn its Spinforce namesake.

The blade, which serves as the core for all of this, is a 5-ply wooden blade that is great for speed and power. The beautiful thing about the 5-ply system is that it means that the paddle has a larger sweet spot, making it easier to make those feel-good shots that seem to go wherever you want. This enlarged sweet spot also means that there is less vibration in the paddle, which increases accuracy.


The beautifully crafted handle is slightly flared to reinforces the grip and betters the ergonomic build of the paddle. The core of the flared handle is hollowed to reduce the overall weight, which is extremely important in a high-intensity sport like ping pong. Furthermore, the hollowed handle shifts the balance point in order to adjust the weight to maximize momentum on offensive shots in which the paddle is tilted forward. A red veneer lining is successfully used to maximize the grip and comfort of the paddle. Some users have reported that their JOOLA Spinforce 300 rackets have come with an unsanded handle that is smaller than other handles. In this case, a light sanding should help remove any splinters. Pro Tip: Sand strategically to fit your ergonomic needs.

Overall, the JOOLA Spinforce 300 ping pong paddle is a well-crafted, strong, and durable paddle. It won’t break like its less expensive competitors. If you’re a finesse player, this will be a good option for you. If you’re a beginner, you will definitely feel the difference in quality. People really do underestimate how much of a difference a great paddle makes. They usually say it’s the player, not the equipment. But in the case of ping pong, equipment makes a huge difference, especially if you want to get into the competitive realm of ping pong. With that being said, at the current price point, this paddle may not be worth it. A paddle such as the Stiga Evolution would be a much better bargain, or if you are serious, a custom blade would be even better.

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