DHS Quick-Attack X Series Table Tennis Racket Review

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71dapw0kzxl-_sl1500_The DHS Quick-Attack X Series Table Tennis Racket is a shakehand-grip, ITTF-approved ping pong paddle that comes straight from DHS, a sponsor for the World Table Tennis Championships. They specialize in a comprehensive ping-pong experience, designing and manufacturing tables, bags, blades, and nets, in addition to ping pong paddles.

Starting from the inside, DHS has opted to infuse the Quick-Attack X Series with carbon fiber and wood. Depending on your preferences, this can be a good or bad thing. Some people like the feel of a pure wood paddle more, so you must look within for the answer, grasshopper. But facts are facts. The carbon fiber increases the size of the sweet spot of the paddle face. The sweet spot is essentially the area in which the ball reacts the best with the paddle. There is more control overall exercised over the ball when the user hits with the sweet spot. In table tennis, this sweet spot is located near the center of the blade. The sweet spot is also the area in which the ball bounces off the paddle best. It just feels better when you hit with the sweet spot of the paddle. The larger shape of the paddle, in combination with the carbon fiber build, increases the size of the sweet spot, making it easier for users to get the feel-good, power shots that they want. It allows for more control and connection with the hand.

In addition to enlarging the sweet spot, the carbon fiber also improves the speed of the paddle. Despite its name, the DHS Quick-Attack X Series doesn’t have a very good off-paddle speed. Of course, if your game is a more defense-focused style of play, then the slow speed at which the ball comes off the paddle may be just your cup of tea. The slower speed means that you will need to use a little more of your strength to get the ball over the night. Although we know it doesn’t necessarily take “strength” to get the ball over the net, in the long run and especially in a competitive setting, this may lead to a disadvantage. Of course, if you transitioned from a stock paddle that came with your table, then damn near any other paddle is an improvement.


Another factor contributing to the defensive-style that the DHS Quick-Attack X Series seems to suggest is the use of the classic rubber that DHS has decided to use. The rubber is quite sticky, based on our experience and from user feedback across the board. This stickiness is usually a good thing, because it allows the user to have more control over the ball. But really, whether this is a good or bad thing depends on your personal preferences. We suggest going out and trying a lot of different paddles to understand your playing style and become more attuned to what feels best. If you do decide to purchase this paddle, remember to keep the rubber clean in order to maintain its level of stickiness. Otherwise, debris such as dust will block its pores and reduces its effectiveness. As a quick note of advice, clean it before and after use by wiping with a paper towel and then dabbing it dry. You want to clean it after to remove the oils from your hand and whatever particles the ball may have transferred to it. You want to clean it before play in order to remove any dust that it trapped while in storage. Good thing this paddle comes with a nice blue carrying case that will help ward off those things a little bit.

The handle is flared and built in a shakehand grip, which means that it is a little longer than penholds (and if you don’t know what those are, check the ping pong paddle guide we wrote). The hollow air pocket at the bottom of the handle allows people to get more power into their shots, but definitely reduces the level of balance, making paddles more head-heavy than paddles that have a solid handle. Because the handles are quite short and solid, the hollow built into the handle does not compromise the overall structure of the paddle. The hollow pocket also makes the overall paddle weight slightly lower. And since the overall paddle is quite heavy, I wouldn’t be reaching much to say that DHS did this in order to lighten up an already heavy paddle. The handle itself is built with ergonomic considerations and comes in a pretty standard shape. Like they say sometimes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Overall the blade and sponge measure to be somewhere between ⅓ and ½ inches thick. The price is definitely a bargain, but considering everything above, it is a well-designed and manufactured high quality paddle that will serve you well!

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